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Rabbit Eating

Foods that can harm or kill your rabbit

Throughout my experience, as a Bunny owner, I came across so many surprising facts about what not to feed them and the one that got me at first with no knowledge what so ever was “Iceberg Lettuce” crazy right? Maybe this is common knowledge but you just assume that pets like Rabbits eat mainly all plants but this is not the case so we are putting this blog out there to reach people who may not know the Do’s & Don’ts on what to feed your rabbit. Enjoy!A


Avocados contain a nasty toxic principle known as “Persin” which can put a rabbit in a fatal position. If ingested it can cause respiratory distress, congestion, fluid accumulation around the heart, and even death.


Iceberg Lettuce is a NO, NO purely because it may contain a chemical called “Lactucarium” which is said to give rabbits a “STONED” effect similar to taking Opium which can make your bunnies very lethargic & gives them a euphoric like high.


Walnuts are extremely high in fat which can cause your bunny to have uncomfortable indigestion due to the lack of Fibre (0%). There is not a lot to say about walnuts apart from it does nothing for your bunnies and that it will only cause issues.


Like most pets Chocolate is a BIG NO, NO as it is deemed as POISONOUS so that’s enough said on Chocolate there is no place for it in a rabbits diet.


Believe it or not, it has been reported that some people try to feed their rabbits the same foods they give to their dogs/cats. Rabbits are HERBIVORES so they only require a PLANT-BASED diet. A rabbit’s ingestive system is not built for meat so it wouldn’t make sense to feed them anything but plant-based foods.

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