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What not to feed your rabbit

Foods that you cant feed your rabbit

As a bunny owner, you want to know what you can and can’t feed your rabbit, so we have put together a forever-updating list of just that! Who thought being a bunny owner was tough work?


Ever heard of “Persin”? Me neither! This is a nasty toxic principle found in avocados that can really leave your bunny in a fatal position if not taken to a vet asap.

Possible issues if ingested:

  • Respiratory Distress
  • Congestion
  • Fluid accumulation around vital organs
  • Instant death


Who would have thought Iceberg Lettuce is on the NO, NO list! I was just as shocked as you are and based on a bit of research, I found that a chemical called “Lactucarium” is to give rabbits a high or stoned effect similar to Opium.

Possible issues if ingested:

  • Lethargic
  • Tiredness
  • Fatigue


High fat is something that effects all species that leads to many issues in the body & Walnuts are way up there in the fatty list to give to your bunnies. 

Possible issues if ingested:

  • Uncomfortable Indigestion
  • Weight gain
  • Other medical conditions


Like most pets, chocolate too is a big no, no because of one simple reason, It’s poisonous. This has no place in a rabbits diet so please don’t think that you’re giving it a treat because you are actually putting your bunny in harm’s way. 

Possible issues if ingested:

  • Slow death
  • Stomach pain
  • Severe constipation


You won’t believe it but it has been reported that some have tried to feed their rabbits the same diet they give to their dogs/cats. Let’s get one thing straight, rabbits are herbivores so they only require a plant-based diet.

Possible issues if ingested:

  • Stomach inflammation
  • Digestion failure
  • Death

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24 thoughts on “Foods that you cant feed your rabbit

    1. Do NOT feed your rabbit bread. All their diet is , is Good quality hay , veggies (not carrots or ice berg) , water and the occasional bit of fruit that’s it.

      1. I gave my bunnies cow milk mixed with water more than half is water ..but one of my baby bunny looks sick today is it cuz if the milk? Please answer I’m scared. And what should I do

        1. Hey, it might have been the milk as bunnies should not ingest fat. Feed them hay/grass and veggies, and make sure they drink water. I hope they are well.

        2. Mine was sick too…so I added on antibiotics in there water and it helped…now his eating well because he stopped eating too.

    2. No well too much can harm your rabbit cause it can build up in their stomach if they don’t have a strong digestive system.

    1. Yes but very occasionally because of the sugar content. Most root vegetables i.e swedes, turnip, parsnips are all high in sugar. Stick to green vegetables which is better for bunnies

  1. Can rabbits eat bird seed? I only ask as sometimes my bunny sneaks in a nibble of my birds seed if it’s spilled from their cadge.
    Thanks in advance, Jess.

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